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Kids And The Sea Program - BVI
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Kids And The Sea is a water sports program based in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. The KATS program was  started in the BVI's about 1990. Tom Gerker, a local resident and business man was involved in the original conception of the program in St. John, and brought the fundamentals of KATS to the BVI's, where the program was warmly embraced by the Rotary Club of Tortola, and sixteen years later, KATS is larger than ever.

KATS is a nonprofit organization and depends solely on donations from the local business and private sectors of the BVI community. Without the funding from the community, the program would not exist.  The officers of KATS, and especially the kids themselves, are very appreciative of the community's contributions to KATS.

In our sixteenth year of teaching the children of the BVI's, KATS is looking forward to yet another successful year, keeping the kids safe on the sea, and to enjoy the beautiful waters of the BVI! The KATS program is open to each and every child of the BVI's, and if a child does not have modest tuition fees to pay for the classes, a sponsor is found to help them. No child is left behind!

The instructors for all of the KATS programs, except for Scuba and Windsurfing, are totally made up from volunteers to teach the various programs. All of the volunteers give up hours and hours of their time to make the program work for the kids. Besides teaching the courses, the volunteers are setting up venues for the students, and holding fundraisers for the program when the programs are in recess.
These volunteers really care about the kids and want them to learn and excel in whatever program that they are enrolled in. Hat's off to all those that give up their time, as what they do for the kids is a huge benefit for the community! KATS are always looking for volunteers in every program that is offered. You don't have to have any experience, we'll teach you also!! Being a part of the KATS program, no matter how small, is a great way to give back to the BVI community.
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