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KATS - Kids And The Sea

Welcome to the Kids and the Sea (KATS) water sports program web site. Please take the time to review all the information on the site to learn about what the KATS program has to offer the youth of the BVI community.

KATS purpose is to #1 promote safety in boats and around the sea.  Our second goal is to open the sea that surrounds us for a means of safe recreation for our youth.  Thirdly, we expose local children to possible career opportunities in the marine industries.  Dozens of our graduates have gone on to work on ferry boats, marinas, dive shops, sail lofts and charter companies.
The KATS watersports program has many types of classes offered to any child between the age of  five years up to eighteen years old. The program does have some parameters that must be met before a child can move on from one program to the next.

Number one is that the child must first take the swimming course, pass successfully, and then can move to other program that KATS offers. The second program is the Sea Skills class. The next available program that a student can move onto is Sailing, of which there are three levels. 

Keep in mind that the above classes have to be taken in succession to qualify for the next one.
Scuba Diving and Windsurfing are other courses that the KATS program offers, making KATS the most diverse watersports program for our youngsters in the British Virgin Islands to learn, and be safe on our seas!
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